Project Entropia Mining Guide 101

History of my experience of Mining...

I have been playing Project Entropia for over 3 years now, I started at the end of beta and I have been mining ever since. I have hit 5-6 hundred PED deposits at least 40 times by now and countless other 3-4 hunderd deposits. The only problem I have had is figuring it out the way to do it, and I did... and I have made over one thousand dollars just this month alone *February*... I have been using it as my main source of income for the past month or so doing nothing but mining all day and night... well as much as I can anyway. I believe that I can teach others to do the same, but Im certainly not going to teach it for free but onto the information about the guide!

What this guide isnt...

This guide is for everyone from intermeddiate to expert players, you might think you know a lot but trust me there is a lot more then you think. BUT this guide has absolutely no newbie information in it. This isnt a guide for beginners so if you are thinking about buying this to LEARN how to mine just go check out the free sites for more information, they have guides and info on them, goto  This isnt a guide explaining pricing or marketing techniques or a cheat guide for all the godly spots because in this game there ARE NONE! Now let me explain what this guide IS!

This is an exclusive chance to get a rare glimpse into how Project Entropia Mining really works and how you can profit from it! To contact me about the guide or otherwise, please send an email to:


What this guide IS !

This guide explains everything from how to find good ore locations, to tracking ore veins, to explaining WHEN to track ore veins. There are a lot of tricks to being a successful miner and one of them is knowing when to hold and continue searching and when to fold and move onto a new spot. But there is more then just that, I will give you guaranteed locations where you WILL find ore no matter what time it is! Ever notice you cant seem to find ore at certain times at certain locations well I will explain that all! Is the PvP area better then others? I have a detailed analysis of that, I have spent over three years mining and you WILL profit my experience.

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Getting Rich Quick, but at what price ?

First off let me say I guarantee your mining profits will go up exponentially after reading my guide, but realize there is NO cheap way of getting there, if you dont plan to put 50 bucks into the game dont bother buying my guide! Also you have to have patience if you dont this is not the technique for you! Still interested in being a miner? Are you sure? Think about it really hard before you say yes this career is not for a lot of people, but if it thrills you to hit the big one as it does me, then I guarantee with this guide you will not be disappointed nor will you be in your chosen career path. Continue down for instructions on payment.

How to get the guide !!

Before buying ask yourself if Entropia mining really IS for you? After you have gave it some thought send 10.95$ in american to the following email address via paypal, and please contact me if you have any questions Im not here to rip ya off just make some money and drive Mindark into bankruptcy :) Just kidding.